Fabrication, Art & Production in Marfa, TX.


based in marfa, tx


Since their beginnings in Marfa in 2009, Ross and Joe have fabricated custom architectural elements for local businesses El Cosmico, Inde/Jacobs Gallery, Marfa House on the Hill, and The Well, along with art fabrication for Ballroom Marfa, & custom furnishings for Cobra Rock Boot Company, Hotel St. George, and Stellina Restaurant.  Ross and Joe's craftsmanship can also be found within many of the businesses and residences of Marfa.

The brothers have recently finished construction of a new shop on the west side of town in anticipation of new projects which require a larger dedicated space.  Joe recently welcomed a son, adding a new generation to the Cashiola family.

Truly, Ross and Joe have been creating and working together for as long as they can remember - sometimes in the realms of music, film, and art as well.  Some of Ross' music can be heard here.  Some of Joe's films can be viewed here.



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